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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome To City Dental Care Hospital in Raipur. Complete with a flower garden and soothing music, the tranquil,inviting atmosphere of our office is designed to make your visit to a Dentist in Raipur a pleasant experience.

Our team of highly trained professionals strives to deliver 'a world class experience' and 'one-on-one' undivided attention to all our patients in a relaxed and aesthetically beautiful environment.

City Dental Care Hospital has been built with emphasis on the cutting edge of modern dental technology. We offer the most advanced innovations available in the field of dentistry today; all of which make for shorter, more comfortable treatment modalities leading to predictable, long-lasting and naturally beautiful outcomes.

Our Dental Specialities Centre are situated in various parts of Chhattisgarh, with all latest equipments and providing all types of treatment modalities.

All the branches of dentistry like Oral surgery, prosthodontia, periodontia, Endodontia(Root canal Treatment) etc are practiced here. X-ray facility is available. Payments can be made either by cash or card .

The centre of excellence for Cosmetic Dentistry in India. We use the latest computer imaging, laser technology and advanced techniques to bring the World's best cosmetic dental solutions to India.

All the patients are taught about general dental hygiene with the help of a Patient Education Software. All the records of the patients like the name , age , sex, address, complaints , treatment done, payment details are all well maintained with the help of a Clinic Management Software.

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